Short Case

This design has a lip to keep the two halves aligned and two internal ledges to hold the board in place. The assembly is held together firmly with 4 nylon bolts.

Available in a rainbow of colours.

Blue Case with board and cables.
Long Blue Case.

Long Case

After configuring my board and trying out different SD card images, I realised that I needed a way to keep the USB cable and SD card from being accidentally removed when used as a HTPC with XBMC. This is the resulting case design.

Available in a rainbow of colours.

Two-Tone Case

I have been experimenting with a two-tone technique and am pleased with the effect. You can choose 2 from the rainbow of colors available - please remember to specify which colour you want on the 'thin' section!


Two-Tone Case.

Order a Case for Raspberry Pi

Cases are made to order and normally dispatched within 1-3 working days. However there may be a slightly longer wait when demand is high.

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